Daily betting preview – 04.07.2019

Written by Tipsbet on July 4, 2019. Posted in Daily Match Betting Preview

Engordany – La Fiorita

European League matches should be a good opportunity for gamblers to get a win because clubs from different countries are evolving and sometimes they can easily predict their results. Such a duel can be one between Engordany, a club from Andorra, and La Fiorita, one of the most powerful teams in San Marino.

The objectives of the two opponents are not very daring this season of the Europa League, but we have to take into account the victory with the 1-0 score Engordany won in the first match. The only goal of that game was scored by Aaron Sanchez and we expect Engordany to get a victory today at a higher score difference. The home team from Andorra also evolved last season in the Europa League preliminaries and managed to eliminate Folgore, another team from San Marino.

Unfortunately, the batch of the two teams is not made up of very well-known players, but the Engordany side have a more experienced team. We still have to add that La Fiorita is a constant presence in the European Cups, but from 2012 until now the San Marino team still has not scored any goals. Under these circumstances, the only possible option for bettors is a win of the hosts, a very generous tips which is quoted by 1.70 by most betting agencies.